Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why shouldn't I do the wrong thing? Because I shouldn't do what everyone shouldn't do, like preaching opposite messages....

...because if everyone did what they know everyone shouldn't do, then no one would be left to do the right thing.

So there was a topic at bible study this week that really caught my interest. They started off talking about the different branches of Christianity, such as protestant, catholic, and evangelical. They were referring to the rituals each church performs and does that have anything to do with what Jesus actually wanted for his "children". I'll have to admit, I was impressed to hear many people say no, that that's not what Jesus would want. They talked about the catholics and how they pray to the virgin Mary. Some one made a reference to how the protestants don't really get in the spirit with the singing and songs. They avoided speaking about the rituals I've witnessed almost every Sunday since I've been going, like the baptisms. I know Jesus was baptised, but if you've read any of my blogs, you know I don't believe Jesus was a God, so to me, it's just another religious ritual. They also didn't talk about the body and the blood of Christ in the form of the cracker and grape juice. I haven't seen them do that yet, but I'm pretty sure they do.

Getting around now to what really made me interested in the topic this week, the conversation went into if evangelicals are even a religion (I really tried not to scoff at that one, especially when the dude running the show read off the definition of religion). Then the great question that I've been wanting to blog about: What do people outside of our religion think about us? What do they see us as? What are some character traits that Christian's seem to have in common, to the outside eye?

I can officially say that there was no one more qualified than me in that bible study to answer that question. I didn't answer it. I tapped my feet and had a smile on, but I didn't say a word. They said it, I didn't have to. They didn't say all of it of course, but I'd say they covered the main areas; such as judgmental, and hypocrites. Are all Christians this way? Of course not, but the fun that us non-believers get is pointing out how the self claimed mighty fall as often as us "lesser" people. And how us lesser people rise as often as well. That has to put a damper on some one's claim of having the "true knowledge" of the only way to happiness. If God is everything that is good, and atheists have no God, then how come atheists still receive good? The bible says all sorts of shit about non-believers, like they'll get plagues, their wives will be raped and their children taken away, house burned down, ect.

What I found so damn amusing about this bible study though, is that this group talked about being seen as judgemental as though it were something bad. That they shouldn't be striving to come off as judgemental.....like they did in the prior weeks sermon. Judgemental is the textbook definition of what they did last Sunday. The part that sticks in my throat though is how Christians want it both ways, they want to judge the shit out of you when you don't practice their beliefs, whether it be homosexuality, or accepting Jesus as your savior......but Christians don't want to be seen as judgemental.....because we all know that being judgemental is bad.....even though the bible tells you differently many times, in many ways, throughout the entire, you heard me, the entire book. So I guess it is possible to get morals outside the bible...........gee, if you don't get your morals from the bible, where DO you get your morals from? It's nice to ask that of believers, instead of the other way around, for once.


  1. Don't put all those under the CHRISTIAN umbrella.They are knock offs.(Prov.29 vs 12)
    There's a generation that are pure in their own eyes and yet is not washed from their filthiness.
    TRUE CRISTIAN TEACHING follows ALL of CHRIST's doctrine. (The followers may be still striving for perfection,(NOT THERE YET!)but the DOCTRINE is PERFECT. HYPOCRITES: (MAT.15 vs 8-9) These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.They worship in vain.their teachings are but rules taught by men.Just as in biblical times(Pharisees,Essenes,Zealots and Sadducees)are the various religious groups that got PART of it right(doctrine/rituals.)(Mat. ch.23 entirely)No one is righteous(Romans Ch3 entirely)Righteousness can be obtained through FAITH.Ephesians Ch.1&2 entirely.

  2. PHARISEES: Emphasis on their teaching was ethical not theological.They accepted BOTH the Torah and Oral authority/tradition.On free will and determination,they hed to a mediating view that made it IMPOSSIBLE for either free will or the sovereignty of GOD to cancel out each other.
    SADDUCEES:Interpreted Mosaic Law more literally than the Pharisees. THEY REJECTED a belief in the spiritual world and rejected belief in ANGELS&DEAMONS. They attribute ALL to free will. They denied that ORAl LAw was authoritative and binding.Only accepted BOOKS OF MOSES as canonical Scripture.ESSENES: Strictly followed Torah's purity laws.Daily worship and scripture study was mandated.marriage wasn't condemned but was avoided.They attributed ALL that happens to FATE. ZEAOTS:Opposed paying taxes to peagan emperors, saying that allegiance was due to GOD only.Opposed using GREEk language in Palestine.They prophesied the coming time of salvation.

  3. In reference to your comments about the EARTHLY rewards/riches of those who do not BELIEVE (Psalms Ch49 especially vs6-20)(Proverbs Ch3 vs 32-35) (Job Ch1 vs21)(2nd Timothy Ch3 vs 1-5)
    Having a FORM of godliness but DENYING its power.(Mat. Ch 16 vs 26)What profit do you have if you gain the WHOLE world but lose your SOUL.(Mat. Ch 16 vs 23)Get the behind me Satan:thou art an offense unto me:for though savourest NOT the things that be of GOD but those of men.(Prov. Ch11 vs 4) Riches profit not in the day of wrath; but righteousness delivereth from death.(Mat 5 vs 45&46) The FATHER in heaven makes HIS sun rise on the evil and on the good,and sendeth rain on the just and the unjust.

    (Mat.Ch18 vs 11) Jesus was sent to save that which was lost.(Mat. Ch26 vs26-29)bread/cracker represents his BODY/wine/grape juice represents the BLOOD of the NEW TESTAMENT which is shed FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS.(Mark Ch1 vs 4-5 and vs 8 and vs 14&15) JESUS came preaching THE GOSPEL of THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Saying"REPENT and BELIEVE the GOSPEL." (Mark Ch 19 vs 15&16) Preach the GOSPEl to all;He that BELIEVETH and is BAPTIZED shall be saved. (John Ch1 vs 1-21)Law was given by Moses from GOD but GRACE and TRUTH came by JESUS CHRIST. (John Ch3 vs 5) Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit he can't enter GOD's KINGDOM.(John Ch6 vs 32-51) TRUE BREAD (ACTS. Ch 20 vs 21&28) Testifying REPENTANCE toward GOD and FAITH toward our Lord JESUS CHRIST.God purchased the CHURCH with his own BLOOD(JESUS CHRIST)(ROMANS Ch 16 vs 16) THE CHURCHES OF CHRIST SALUTES YOU.(EPHESIANS Ch 3 vs 21 and Ch 4 vs 4-18) Unto him be glory in the CHURCH by CHRIST JESUS throughout ALL AGES. "One"
    John BAPTIZED with water- preaching REPENTANCE,CONFESSING SINS.He shall BAPTIZE you with the HOLY GHOST. (Thessalonians Ch 2 vs 12-14)CHURCHES OF GOD ARE IN CHRIST JESUS.(1st Corinthians Ch 10 vs 16&17)COMMUNION of the BLOOD of CHRIST."Lord's Supper"(1st Corinthians Ch 11 vs 23-32)DO THIS IN REMEMBERANCE OF ME.

  5. GRACE,FAITH,TRUTH and JUDGEMENT:(1st Corinthians Ch1 vs 12) What business is it of mine to judge those outside the CHURCH? Are you not to JUDGE those inside? GOD will JUDGE those outside.Expel the wicked man from among you.Ephesians Ch1 vs 14)In Christ we have REDEMPTION through his BLOOD comes forgiveness of SIN according to GOD's GRACE those in CHRIST are marked in him with a seal,the promised HOLY SPIRIT who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the REDEMPTION of those who are GOD's possesion.(COLOSSIANS Ch1 vs 15-28 )The Supremacy of CHRIST. (COLOSSIANS Ch2 ENTIRELY) SPEAKS OF THE CROSS)(Mat. Ch 7 vs 1-5) Judge not lest ye be judged.)"I have my own SINS and SALVATION to work out!I still have quite a way to go. SO PLE-E-A-A-SE DON'T read ANY of this as me JUDGING because I AM NOT!!!!! Just sharing the word and spreading the GOSPEL.( ROMANS Ch.3 vs 9-12) We aren't any better.RIGHTEOUSNESS in GOD comes through FAITH in JESUS CHRIST,to ALL who BELIEVE. There's no difference for ALL have SINNED and fall short of the glory of GOD. BUT we are JUSTIFIED freely by GOD's GRACE through REDEMPTION,that came by CHRIST JESUS. GOD presented CHRIST as SACRIFICE of ATONEMENT through FAITH IN CHRIST's BLOOD. I hope that this message pricks the hearts of those who read it and may you CHOOSE LIFE. GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU! AMEN.

  6. Hmmm, there is a bible passage that tells you what to do with those hypocrites:
    Jeremiah Chp 47, Verse 10. It says you should kill them. It actually says the lord will curse you if you don't kill them.

    II Chronicels chapter 21, verse 14 tells you what to do people who foresake the lord (like me), it says the lord will kill them with a great plauge, including thier children and wives, and their bowels will fall out of their body because of the incurable sickness.

    Judges, chapter 19, verse 24-29, tells you what to do to a woman when she is raped by a group of men. It says to cut her up into 12 pieces and send the pieces to the coasts of Israel. But of course you only give your daughter over to be raped by a group of villagers if they won't leave your house guest alone. Praise the lord.

    Deuteronomy Chapter 22, verse 20-22 tells you what to do with a daughter that has lost her virginity without being wed, it says to stone her with stones until she's dead, because you need to put the evil away from among you. Amen.

    Deuteronomy Chapter 20 verse 11-13 tells you what to do with people who won't make peace with you: When the Lord God delivers them into your hands, Kill every male with a sword.

    Numbers Chapter 31 tells you what to do with all those pesky left over females and children, verse 17 tells you: Kill every male among the children, and kill every woman that has had sex, then keep the virgins and divide them up amongst yourselves.

    Numbers,Chapter 5:1 tells you how to deal with the sick, dying, and their family. God tells Moses to tell everyone to cast them out of the camp, because sick people cannot dwell where God dwells. So much for expecting God to show up at the hospital.

    I could keep going with about 100 more at least, But I've made my point. Sins of the old testament didn't become "NOT SINS" when Jesus died on the cross, just the way of getting forgiven for those sins was changed. Tell me something...in the old testament days....how could you do your animal or grain sacrifice to make up for your sins if your dead because some one killed you with a sword or stoned you to death? Is only the new testament the perfect doctrine? Then why wrap it up with all that fucked up old testament stuff? I could go on with verses on how God tells you to rape women, enslave countries, kill kill kill.

    My favorite is when God says to kill people for not believing in him. How are those people ever going to convert if they're dead? How did Christ absolve that sin when he died on the cross? I thought sins could be forgiven even in the old testament, so what does that mean about the stuff that GOD says people should DIE for, like not believing in him Why did people born in old testament times deserve death for not believing in GOD? I thought God gave them free will, what kind of free will says "believe or die?" Does that sound like God to you? Or free will for that matter?
    (Killing non-believers is in Deuteronomy, Chapter 13, BTW. There are others as well, this one is just my favorite.

    Perfect doctrine, or perfect excuse to murder people? GOD TOLD ME TO KILL THEM! yeah...that's believable. Too bad that doesn't work for people anymore, now we just lock them up in prison, maybe give them the chair.