Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Difference Of Perception Between the Religious and the Not

I have gotten into  visual aids as a means of explaining complex, yet basic, notions lately. I would like to share one. A little Tuesday Philosophy if you will.  This is a picture that I drew of what I could simplify as reality. Reality is represented as the color green. Reality is an independent thing that influences us, control us in certain aspects, and depends on us in others. The circles labeled (P) are people, who are forced to live with reality as everyone must, whether reality is enjoyed or acknowledged. The red dots inside the circles, circles which I will refer to here on out as people or (P), are the independent thoughts, ideas, emotions, reactions, likes, and dislikes that go on inside a person. Things that other people are not privy to, for the only way to experience these things as the (P)erson them self does they would have to be inside their green circle. For the sake of argument and understanding, we will not breach the subject of telepathy during this discussion.

This picture is the same green circle of reality with another element shown. Reality is independent of people. People can influence or be influenced by reality, but reality is what it is despite what people may perceive of it. This concept is very important to retain as I move on.  The green lines are reality interacting with us. Reality has several aspects. Reality is the objects and locations around us. Even if one is unaware they are in a building, the building still exists. That is reality. Reality does not change with perception. Reality has a second part, events. Events influence (P)eople heavily mostly by the result they cause; such as death, injury, sudden wealth; or the journey of the event alters our internal self somehow (becoming depressed due to a bad work environment). These green lines represent these events. These events can come from our surroundings, mother nature (such as a hurricane destroying your house) to communications and interactions between people (a fight with your sister, a first kiss). The same event can affect more than one person as well.  If you are in a heated argument with a sibling, and the sibling says something you don't remember, reality dictates it still was said, no matter what is remembered or perceived inside either person's (P) circle (red dots of perception). A single event that influences two people who each percieve the reality of the event differently.

This is the final diagram. This diagram has red lines covering the lines representing reality. These red lines represent the perception people have of reality. Some people perceive certain events very clearly, their red line of perception closely matches the green line of reality. Some people are far removed from the reality of an event and have completely misspercieved it, not even coming close to intersecting their red line of perception with the green line of reality. People's inner workings (red dots) influence the way they perceive things. It does not change the reality of the actual event, object, or location, but people will always perceive things in their own red lines, some people perceive certain things closer to the actual reality and their red lines are not altered by the (P)erson's inner red dots, or inner monologue.  What is important to note at this time is that people cannot perceive each others red lines. Everyone has their own, individual red lines of perception that cannot be perceived by others, but it certainly can influence other red lines and be influenced. These red lines are the way we deal with things on the inside. Going back to the fight with the sibling, what if your sibling thought you were way out of line in what you said during the event, that you shouted at your sibling and got in their face during the fight; but in your perception you remained calm and reasonable, you did not shout or get in the personal zone of your sibling, nor did you think you disrespected them.  This is an example of how we all have our own red lines of perception that others are not privy to. We can communicate about our red lines of perception, but no one will ever be able to enter into your mind and see your thoughts and feelings like identity theft.  

Now it is time to explain my red lines to you from a personal perspective. Religious people perceive God into the green lines of reality. Whether someone believes "God did it" or not, it does not change the green lines, they are a constant no matter what we perceive into them. When some one says God delivered a blessing upon them, they believe God had a hand in the green line itself. I believe, as someone who thinks that if the possibility that there is a God is true, he does not meddle in these green lines. My red line, my perception, is that wonderful things and events are delivered upon me, someone who does not pray for anything, at the same rate and degree that they are being delivered upon "the blessed by God".  Whether my red line of perception is any closer to the green line of reality than a religious person, there is really no sure way to tell. But I have dedicated myself to making my red lines match the green lines of reality to as close of a degree as I can. I believe I can do this by asking hard, sometimes uncomfortable questions, and being willing to examine my own red lines for faults and delusions that do not travel the same track as the green line of reality. Close scrutiny of one's own red lines is not an easy or incredibly gratifying task at first, but I believe that this may be the only chance I ever have with these green lines, why miss it simply because of an unwillingness to tame my own red lines and miss literally the most important opportunity of all existence? Why are we here if not to experience reality? The only thing that tells people of the Christian faith to read God into the green lines of reality is a book called the bible. A book I have read and do not agree with. I am able to accept the fact that some people read the bible and start to alter their red lines of perception to it to satisfy what it says, even if what the bible says is far removed from the green lines of reality. The bible teaches not to question this altering of one's red lines. To not examine the green lines for what they are, and the red lines for what they are. People start to perceive that their red lines exactly match the green lines, whether it is a true perception or not. When people start to think that their red line perception should be everyone's red line perception, through will of congress, I have a very big issue with that. It is in no way fair to reality or to the fellow (P) in the green circle of reality, to expect them to substitute their own red lines for others, simply because it's what the overtaker wants. It is disturbing to me that a book as dismanteling as the bible holds such a sway over the red lines of people. I believe that we could live in a happier place if we could all try to follow the green lines, rather than a book that tells us to ignore the green lines in favor of long dead, corrupt men's own red lines.

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