Wednesday, June 16, 2010

God Doesn't Believe In Free Will? How Can God Answer Prayers While Giving Everyone Free Will?

Lets say you prayed to God (in your prayer journal or whatever) to give you a certain set of dishes, and a few months later, a friend gets you that set because it's what you told them you wanted.......then you go around telling people that GOD answered your prayers by having your friend get you the dish set you've been wanting.

Lets examine this under the "free will microscope" shall we? What would God have had to do to your friend to get them to buy you this dish set? Let me guess a Christian's answer: God put it on my friends heart because I prayed.
-Well, if God put it on your friend's hear to do this, then it must be God's will right? Would you disagree with that? No, ok then, make sure you stick with that answer as we move on.

Now, lets say God put it on your friend's heart to buy you that dish set you've been praying about, and your friend buys you a tupperware set instead.....did your friend just disobey the will of GOD? So let me get this straight, when your friend doesn't get you want you want for your birthday....then your friend must be disobeying the will of God? Let me guess your answer to this again: It must not have been God's will for me to get that dish set.

I guess the only question I have left when confronted with a load of bullshit so deep and smelly there doesn't seem to be a bottom to it is: Isn't funny how God always seems to want what you want? Think again about the scenario above, with your friend, who GOD put it on her heart (and bank account) to buy you that dish do you know that God did that? How do you know your friend didn't buy you the dish set because ITS WHAT YOU ASKED THEM FOR? What if God actually wanted them to buy you the tupperware set instead? How would you know any different? Isn't it a little, um....Godly of you to decided what is the will of God and what isn't, seeing as the only way you could know any of that is if you yourself had the same insights into the world as A GOD? So you have powers equal to God, do you? How does God put his "will" on people's hearts while still letting them have free will? If God told your friend to get you the dish set, isn't that taking away your friend's free will as to what to with her money, her time, her gift? Why would GOD manipulate the will of everyone around you just so you can have what you want? Then if your friends don't do what you want, they're disobeying GOD? Wow, that's convenient.....for you....not so much your friends.....

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