Friday, June 18, 2010

Now I Am, Now I'm Not, Now I Am A Christian?

When I confront a believer on things such as "why does your mythological book, written before there was ever a word for such a thing as science, why does that get to overshadow verifiable facts such as evolution? Why are churches being allowed to cast huge doubt over science, when they have no place to? Why do churches get to DE-INTREST kids in science because they tell them that it's bullshit (creation VS evolution)?" I always seem to get the same answer to these questions.

Science only only only deals in verifiable facts. Science first tries to disprove something (verify or unverify) before it even begins to believe it to be true.

The bible is a bronze age mythology written by people who had no idea what science was, how it worked, what it was for, or how it could help us. The people that wrote the bible were as guilible in the areas of science as were the people in the tales of Ulysses.

When talking to a believer last night, talking about creationismVS evolution, she said that she would be more accepting of the science behind evolution and the big bang if she could see verifiable proof, all the background of the studies, what is the credibility of the scientist doing the research, ect.

As she was saying this, I said "But you don't need that kind of proof to believe the bible..."

She responded "well that's because I believe the bible in my heart."

I said "why does your belief in your heart get to cast doubt over science, which can only use reality and facts, never possibly faulty beliefs, to prove what it is saying?"

Her basic response was "Its the bible and God wrote the bible, therefore God overrules science."

I pointed out that the book is the only thing that says it was written by God, and that God, creator of all matter, cannot be contained within the 4 corners of paper and ink.

This fell on deaf ears. God does not = bible, why is this so hard for people to understand? Not even the bible itself says it IS God, it makes the claim to be the WRITTEN word of God, but not God himself. Why don't people understand that if you never saw a bible in your life, you could still know god "in your heart".

The believer I speak of, she seems to distance herself from Christianity every time it says something that she doesn't agree with, such as "science is bullshit", then re-associates herself with it when it is convienent for her. I wonder how God would feel about this leave take relationship many Christians seem to have with their religion. When a priest molests children, suddenly catholics aren't Christian. When they need to boost their numbers to prove that this is a Christian nation, suddenly catholics are counted as Christians again.

How convienent.........Seems to be a trend with Christians, this convienience.....just close your eyes and pray...sins go bye need to make anything up to the people you wronged, because your imaginery friend "Jesus" will take care of all that........inconvienent for those of us who actually have to right our wrongs to the people we hurt. Christianity = taking the easy way out of your life responsibilities.

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