Sunday, June 13, 2010

Broken and Without a Purpose?

That's what they said about me at church today. They said that people who don't have JESUS are broken and have no purpose, that their lives are pointless. Over a 100 people in the clergy, listening to this, no one stood up and said "you're wrong, there are plenty of people all over the world, with all different beliefs, who's lives are very purposeful and meaningful, who help people and change the world for the better" (you know, like Gandhi and stuff). Matter of fact, a few people even went up to the altar (stage) and I guess gave themselves over to Jesus after this sermon.

I really enjoyed the hellfire and damnation speech today.

If God is all good, why does it take the threat of hell to turn (some) people to him?

Today reaffirmed that I don't understand religion, or religious people at all. Even when they have a pastor on stage, misleading everyone to think negative things and prejudge people they've never laid eyes on, they don't bat an eyelash.....when did that become OK? Since the dawn of religion apparently. Even my friends and family who were with me in church today, knowing the kind of person I am, and that I don't match what the pastor was saying, nobody came to my defense. Nobody, out of all those people, stood up and said "excuse me, pastor, but I think what your saying isn't true, and I don't appreciate you getting up on stage at church and saying things that aren't true, a.k.a lying in the name of God." There were children there, listening to the pastor say these things about non-believers of Jesus. Over and over the pastor kept saying that people who don't believe in Jesus have something wrong with them, they are broken, they have no purpose. Children heard this, but they didn't hear or see anyone stand up and say "Pastor, I think your wrong." So what are we teaching kids in church these days? To be prejudice. To prejudge people simply because they don't share your beliefs. The pastor didn't tell all those kids in church today (or the adults) that you should take into consideration some ones character, their lifestyle, their choices, how they treat others. Only their belief in Jesus. That's all the pastor said you need, belief or not belief in Jesus, to tell whether there is something wrong, about a person they don't know, and now probably will never get to know.

Why is it ok to be prejugdmental about some one you've never met, so long as all your basing your judgments on is their religious orientation? Why didn't any parent stand up at church today and say "don't teach my kid to be prejudice?"

Thanks church, I couldn't be further away from your God right now than if God were once again forming one of those good old testament mobs to come and stone me to death like the biblical days when we didn't have to try to "fix" broken non-believers, we just killed them by hurling rocks.

They say religion is being attacked every day........really? Is this Stockholm's syndrome (for lack of a better term) kind of psychology the only way to get people to believe in God? Or just one of the many fucked up ways (lets not forget hell fire and damnation)?

If I was at a meet up of fellow non-believers, and some one started saying that all believers are broken, that their lives have no purpose, ect. I would be out of my chair objecting before the speaker was even done talking. I don't pretend to agree with people even when I don't. When some one says something not true about my family and friends, I will be the first person and the last to defend them. Too bad I can't say the same of them.

Maybe nobody stood up in my defense at church today because they agree with the pastor. Maybe they think I am broken and that my life really doesn't have a purpose. What kind of friend thinks that about another friend, simply because they don't share a belief in an invisible being, despite all the evidence to the contrary? Religion is being religion attacks back.....with what? Teaching the next generation to prejudge anyone who's different from them?

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