Friday, June 11, 2010

Tree Of Knowledge?

Why does the tree of knowledge lead to the downfall of mankind in the book of Genesis, the Christian Bible? It's not the tree of apples, or the tree of poison; it's the tree of KNOWLEDGE, the only tree in the garden that Adam and Eve were supposed to stay away from. Matter of fact, they DISOBEYED GOD in order to eat from the tree of KNOWLEDGE. So why does the bible say that God says that KNOWLEDGE is bad, that it's the DEVIL that convinces Eve to finally eat from it? When has KNOWing ever been a bad thing when it comes to helping people, advancing society, medicine, ect......Would a person as literate in the bible as I am, or possibly more, please explain to me why the bible says that KNOWLEDGE, and the tree it apparently grows on, is bad?

This theme of "knowledge is bad" is carried on throughout the bible every time the bible tells you not to question it, what it says, or why it says it. Your supposed to just accept that it's the word of God, no matter how much it contradicts itself and reality, or proves not to be true....The Truth Can ALWAYS withstand why does the bible tell you not to question it???


  1. Congratulations on starting the blog. I have add your RSS feed to my homepage so I can see when you have a new post. Good luck and I will enjoy reading.

  2. A great start. Keep it coming.