Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If You Have God, Why Do You Need A Doctor?

Well? If God heals all things, God is always with you, God never leaves your side, God will always protect you from harm, blah blah blah, then why do you go to the doctor when you get sick, need surgery, need a prescription? Why not just leave it up to God? Instead, you pray to God while the doctors do all the work, then thank God for doing only what the doctors accomplished.

Oh Oh, I want to play this game! Ok, let me try:

I picked up a book, read it, memorized the termonology, and God helped me, I know, The Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) gave me the ability to read! No, brain did lets see, um.....shit. I'm not very good at this game. When I see a cause and an affect, I don't "insert GOD here" wherever and whenever I feel like. When the mechanic fixes your car, do you pay the mechanic, or God? When the doctor uses medicine to help you get better, do you pay your doctor bill, or God? Let me guess, you pay God through prayer and worship? Well, I haven't paid my GOD bill in quite some time, and I gaurantee the mechanic fixed my car, and the medication the doctor prescribed me works just as good on me as it does you. So, why does it help you, physically that is, to "insert God here" in situations like going to the doctor? Do you think your surgery turns out better than mine because you say "GOD DID IT"?

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